The Down Syndrome Association of Toronto (DSAT)

About DSAT

The Down Syndrome Association of Toronto (DSAT), which was established in 1987,  is a charitable, non-profit organization organized and led by parents and volunteers.

Our Mission:

DSAT's primary goal is to inform and empower persons with Down syndrome and their families to obtain services and civil and human rights which will lead to the enhancement of individual functioning and to the integration and participation of persons with Down syndrome in the life of the community. In order that this goal be realized, the DSAT, as an organized body speaks to the interests, needs and rights of our constituency through the following objectives.

Our Objectives:

  • Representation on Boards, Committees, Coalitions, etc. which are working towards common goals
  • Advocating for civil and human rights and equality of opportunity
  • Provide a Forum
  • Support Families & Individuals
  • Provide Opportunities for Socializing
  • Dispelling myths & Increasing Public Awareness
  • Encourage Effective Services for all persons with Down syndrome
  • Collaborate with Related Organizations
  • Raise Funds

Association Principles:

  • All persons with Down syndrome have the same civil and human rights as all other Canadian citizens.
  • All persons with Down syndrome have the right to be raised at home with family.
  • All persons with Down syndrome have the right to supports and services as needed without prejudice.
  • All persons with Down syndrome are entitled to quality medical care, without prejudice, including newborns.

Persons with Down syndrome whose guardianship is held by the Province are equally entitled to quality services and equal opportunities to develop to their full potential and to full participation in the community. 


PO Box 40039
Liberty Village PO
Toronto ON M5V 0K7

Non-Profit Charitable
Organization #
11888 7942 RR0001
Ontario Corp number 687013
Date of incorporating: 28 April 1987

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